About Us

Stephany Smith, R.N., CPR/First Aid Instructor, and owner of CPR Concepts and associate instructors have over 40 years of Emergency Room and Intensive Care experience. She has dedicated her time to training and caring for infants and children requiring intensive care including ventilator support / tracheotomies. After years of actively practicing resuscitation on the job and training other nurses, she decided to expand on that area of her nursing career and become a CPR instructor. She now has 15 years of instructor experience with over 10,000 satisfied students.

Classes are currently being held at Kansas College of Nursing located in Lenexa, KS. The campus provides us with a spacious classroom and an abundance of parking.

Enrollment Requirements

The fee for all classes is $45 (cash only). This is to be paid upon arrival to your class. All students attending the BLS course must have the current BLS provider manual.

The paperback book is available to purchase when you arrive for class or in advance for $20. Contact the instructor about getting a free ebook.

Everyone that will be completing the course will receive a BLS provider e-card. There are NO PAPER CARDS. To receive your e-card you must have a working, personal e-mail address.

We do not accept company email addresses.

We now offer 2 class formats for you to get your BLS or First Aid certification. Complete most of your training on-line then just come in for a short skills testing session. Receive the same certification in a fraction of the time.

We accept classes for employees, students, groups, and businesses. If you are a student of a school or employees of a business you can sign up for classes located at Kansas College of Nursing. If you are a group or business, you can use the contact form below to inquire about setting up a class at your location.

*Contact instructor for specific details on the different class formats, how to complete on-line training and/or where to purchase a textbook

2016 BLS provider manual

BCLS/CPR training 


  • Child
  • Adult 
  • Infant
  • AED
  • Advanced Airway
  • AmbuBag and Mask
  • Choking: conscious and unconscious

This class includes basic training and understanding of all the concepts of CPR-  assessment and intervention. Who needs chest compressions and ventilations? How to determine if compressions and breaths are effective.What to do if a person is choking and how to intervene SAFELY. AED training is included in every class-when to use the AED and how to use it SAFELY. Advanced areas of CPR are also included-how to resuscitate when there is an artificial airway present,using Ambubags and a mask. Increased emphasis is placed on universal precautions and avoiding injury to the person that is compromised. This class is very informative and designed to accommodate everyone,on every learning level. 

First Aid training

 Recognizing symptoms and treatments for:

 heart  attacks
 electrical injuries
 broken bones
 bug bites
 animal bites
 bee stings
 nose bleeds
 low blood sugar
 tooth injuries
 allergic reactions
 penetrating injuries